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Sharps Rifle Company AR-15 Relia-Bolt

Sharps Rifle Company AR-15 Relia-Bolt

A review of the AR-15 Relia-Bolt from Sharps Rifle Company, including installation and range demo. Sharps Rifle Company Relia-Bolt Features: Strength and Durability The Relia-Bolt is machined from S7 tool steel and tempered with SRC’s proprietary heat-treating process, significantly increasing strength when compared to MilSpec Carpenter 158. S7 provides a 75% increase in tensile strength, … Read more

Kavod Custom KVD-15 Rifle – Bet Model

Kavod Custom KVD-15 Rifle

We’re excited to announce that we have recently received our new KVD-15 Rifle from Kavod Custom. Kavod produces three base variants of the KVD-15 (Alef, Bet, Gimel) that are customizable based on your preferences. We selected the Bet Variant with the Kavod 2-stage trigger upgrade. Over the next several months, we’ll be putting the KVD-15 … Read more