Kaiser US X-7 Monarch Rifle

From American Rifleman’s Christopher Olsen, a review and range demo of the Kaiser US X-7 Monarch Rifle. This AR-15 weighs in at only 4.12 lbs and is built to achieve sub MOA accuracy.

KSP US X-7 Monarch Rifle:

  • X-7 Monarch AR-15 edition             
  • Designed and built light 4.12lbs
  • Sub MOA accuracy
  • X-7 Polymer Upper & Lower receiver
  • X-7 EPC Black Polymer
  • TI-7 Black Bird BCG w/ NP3 Carpenter 158 bolt.
  • Faxon 16″ Gunner Barrel 1:8.
  • Buffer Tube: standard Milspec, 6-position,
  • MFT Minimalist Stock
  • MFT Engage Pistol Grip
  • Handguard KSP X7 15″ w/angle lightweight, M-LOK
  • LPK Mil-Spec 
  • Charging Handle: KSP US Black Bird extended latch 7075 aluminum black anodized
  • Muzzle Device Short Phantom
  • Ships with 1 PMAG