PWS MOD 2 Enhanced Buffer Tube

From Mrgunsngear, a review and range demo of the PWS MOD 2 Enhanced Buffer Tube with Ratchet  Lock Castle Nut and End Plate. The rifle shown is also equipped with the B5 Systems SOPMOD BRAVO Milspec Stock and Primary Arms Scope with ACSS Reticle.

PWS MOD 2 Enhanced Buffer Tube with Ratchet  Lock Castle Nut and End Plate:

  • Ratchet-Lock Design: The new Ratchet-Lock Design eliminates the need for staking the castle nut and gives a rock solid lock up while being able to remove it easily if needed in the future.
  • Reduced Weight: Additional lightening cuts reducing weight in conjunction with the new attachment design net nearly a 1oz weight reduction from already efficient mil spec buffer tube design.
  • Anti-Tilt Lip: The anti-tilt lip enhances function and reliability, giving longer life to piston driven weapons by allowing the carrier to start in the buffer tube rather than transitioning into the tube on extraction.
  • Stock: Featuring six stock positions with enhanced drainage ports for greater reliability regardless environment or application.
  • QD Mounts: The central QD sling swivel mount allows for neutral positioning of your firearm with multiple sling configurations.