Kavod Custom KVD-15 Bet

Based in Vidalia, Georgia, Kavod Custom produces three variants of their KVD-15 rifle. The following is an overview of the BetĀ variant.

Kavod Custom KVD-15 Bet
Kavod Custom KVD-15 Bet

The KVD-15 Bet model is designed with a 16″ Stainless Steel, 1:8″ Twist, 5.56mm barrel, carbine gas system along with an upgraded M16 Mil-Spec Bolt Carrier Group that is Nickle-Boron (NiB) coated. The Bet uses a Magpul MOE stock (with staked castle nut), a Bravo Company Enhanced Mod3 charging handle for easy charging, along with the Odin Works 15″ Sport rail system. Each Bet comes with two Magpul 30-round PMAGs and an ambidextrous sling plate.

Kavod Custom KVD-15 BetĀ Specs and Features:

  • M16 Mil-Spec Bolt Carrier Group, Nickle-Boron (NiB) Coated
  • Bravo Company Enhanced Mod3 Charging Handle
  • Free-float Aluminum Handguard
  • Fully Shrouded Gas System
  • Stock – Magpul MOE Carbine (Collapsible)
  • Grip – Magpul MOE+ Rubber Coated
  • Barrel – 16″ Stainless Steel, 1:8″ Twist, 5.56mm
  • Rail – Odin Works 15″ Sport
  • Gas System – Carbine
  • Trigger Guard – Magpul MOE
  • Muzzle Device – A2 Flash hider on 1/2″-28TPI
  • Ambidextrous Sling Mount Plate
  • 2 Magpul 30-round Pmags

For more information, visit Kavod Custom.