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Nov 03

HIPERGRIP AR-15 Pistol Grips

You’ve known them for their AR-15 triggers, but now HIPERFIRE has introduced their new line of HIPERGRIP AR-15 Pistol Grips. The HIPERGRIP is designed to fill the hand and promotes proper trigger finger placement. Visit the HIPERFIRE site to see all for pistol grip models.    

Oct 26

HIPERFIRE EDT3 AR Trigger System

October 26, 2015 – (AR15Vault.com): HIPERFIRE (www.hiperfire.com) Announces availability of its new EDT3 (Enhanced Duty Trigger3) AR fire-control group for the AR15/10 rifle. It completes HIPERFIRE’s enhanced duty trigger line up. Like the other EDTs, it was designed for law enforcement and the designated marksman rifle, OEM rifle builders, NRA service rifle competitors, and home …

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Oct 08

HIPERTOUCH ECL AR Fire-Control Group

October 7, 2015: HIPERFIRE Announces the Immediate Availability of the HIPERTOUCH® ECLipse (ECL) AR Fire-Control Group (FCG). This FCG’s performance eclipses that of every other HIPERFIRE trigger product including the 24Competition. It was developed as part of a 3-gun match series promotion. That promotion just ended with the HIPERFIRE Rifle Challenge and the trigger can …

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Oct 07

HIPERTOUCH ECLipse AR-15 Fire Control Group

A quick overview of the HIPERTOUCH ECLlipse fire control group. The HIPERTOUCH ECL4 is HIPERFIRE’s top-of-the-line trigger for AR-15 and AR-10 type rifles. For more information on the HIPERTOUCH ECL fire control group, visit hiperfire.com.  

Sep 29

High Performance Firearms – HIPERFIRE

A promo for High Performance Firearms, the producers of the HIPERFIRE HIPERTOUCH line of AR-15 triggers. Check out their full line of triggers at Hiperfire.com.  

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