Sep 06

Stag Arms QPQ 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group

Stag Arms QPQ 556 Bolt Carrier Group

The Stag Arms QPQ bolt carrier group is currently on sale. This BCG works with any AR-15 designed for right hand ejection in the 5.56/.223 caliber.

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Sale Price: $79.99

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Stag Arms QPQ 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group:

  • SKU: SA240015
  • Coating: Black Nitride
  • Bolt carrier material: 8620 steel
  • Bolt: 5.56/.223 Right-Handed Bolt assembly
  • Included parts: Bolt carrier, bolt assembly, cam pin, firing pin, and firing pin retaining pin
  • Design: M16 carrier with a shrouded firing pin
  • Staking: Proper mil-spec staking of the gas key
  • More Info: Stag Arms