Nov 06

Kavod Custom KVD-15 Rifles

An Introduction to Kavod Custom KVD-15 Rifles

The KVD-15 line of AR-15 rifles was formed around a common General Design Criteria, yielding three distinct models which all offer stainless steel barrels with fast twist rifling and threaded muzzles, full length free float aluminum hand guards over fully shrouded gas systems, comfortable rubber grips, and enhanced charging handles and bolt carrier groups. Following the theme set by their corporate name, which means ‘Honor’ in Hebrew, the first three rifle models being offered as KVD-15s are fittingly named ‘Alef’, ‘Bet’, and ‘Gimel’, as the first three letters of the alphabet.

Kavod Custom KVD-15 Rifles

Kavod Custom KVD-15 Rifles – Alef, Bet, Gimel

Kavod Custom’s philosophy was to put together a set of variants built around a solid set of core components, and upgrade every part which touch the receivers. Their NiB bolt carrier groups and stainless barrels are intended to help support enhanced reliability, while the extended charging handles and rubber grips create functional improvements which make the rifle more comfortable to operate.

All collapsible stock tube castle nuts are staked in place, unless specifically requested otherwise.

The full-length free float rails fully protect the gas system, with plenty of space to mount sights, scopes, rails, grips, and/or bipods.

All KVD-15 barrels are threaded to accept suppressors or muzzle brakes, and have faster twists to stabilize heavier rounds.

Kavod Custom performs range testing of each rifle after initial assembly, to ensure proper function. If any upgrades are requested to be installed, or if they are servicing any rifle, they conduct further post maintenance testing at the range.

Kavod makes three base variants of the KVD-15 that are customizable based on your preferences, the Alef, Bet, and Gimel, along with a dedicated upper in .300 Blackout which can be added to any of the standard three models.

All Kavod rifles are built with a common set of core parts:

  • M16 Mil-Spec Bolt Carrier Group, Nickle-Boron (NiB) Coated
  • Bravo Company Enhanced Mod3 Charging Handle
  • Free-float Aluminum Handguard
  • Stainless Steel 16″ barrels, 5.56mm (Compatible with .223 Remington)
  • Fully Shrouded Gas System
  • 2 Magpul 30-round Pmags
  • Chamber Cleaning Brush
  • Printed Owners Manual

About Kavod Custom

Formed as a partnership between two engineers who were avid shooters, Kavod Custom LLC has a mission to design and build high quality firearms based on lessons learned through years of testing. This determination came from years of competitive shooting in IDPA, IPSC, and three gun challenges, studying new trends, and evaluating the unfulfilled hype of various fads. Each rifle, upper, or lower built is live fire tested after passing an extensive check list, in accordance with Kavod Custom’s programmatic quality control effort.